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Re: [IPk] the drink

I always remember when i was about 18 (not quite but near enough ;-) my mum
came into my room and was going ape because i was so smashed and she said
she was going to watch me draw up my insulin so that she could prove to me
that i was incapable, but she was really cheesed off because it was spot
on, she never could moan at me after that.

I guess its survival instinct again.

At 22:57 04/05/1999 +0000, you wrote:
>you know that is SO true about being able to deal with diabetic stuff when 
>you're totally gone.
>it doesn't matter how drunk I am I always (i think!) know what i'm doing 
>when it comes to my diabetes.
>last year i went skiing with a friend who's also diabetic and the giggles we 
>had when we got in... stuffing eachothers faces with choc and biscuits to 
>make sure we didn't go low later!! try being a drunk diabetic trying to look 
>after a totally drunk diabetic who's throwing up! not easy!!!
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