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[IPk] eye stuff

Hi Di
Of course your worried, so was I when I thought that my right eye was going the same way as the left.
And yes when I first went on the pump  it did get worse for a while, but that was because of the tight control you get on the pump. Now my left eye is definately better than it was, I can read the second line on the chart now (with glasses), I could hardly see the first line before.
Di, I still get fluid in my left eye and it scares the s**t out of me, but at the end of the day my vision is slightly better, so don't despair. After the first few months, expect retinopathy to stabilise and possibly improve.
Have you seen your eye specialist about the bleeding? You have probably had laser treatment to stop previous bleeds but you should get it checked, if only for peace of mind.
Most of all you need good "tight" control, this is what the pump gives you, so think positively.
If you want to phone me, you know you can. (01425 629773)
Don't give up.
John Davis.
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