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[IPk] pissed off

it's always the way isn't it - just when you think things are going
really well, something goes wrong.

In my quest for new sites I thought I'd try my leg. Yes, I know they
warn you that it might have variable absorption but I thought I'd try
and see.

The site felt really good and I never felt the thing at all, also it
didn't get in the way so much as when it's in your stomach.

However, the readings ahve been somewhat variable. I was high all
Sunday evening and then low in the night. Monday morning my BG rose
and it was a struggle to keep it down. This morning I woke wup with a
BG of 16.9 and felt like ****. Got it down to 9 by lunchtime but then
i tested again just now and it was 18, so I finally gave up and
changed site. We'll see what happens now. The site on my leg still
looks fine and the cannula wasn't kinked or anything when I pulled it out.
So I'm guessing there are 3 possibilities.
1) **** happens. Just having a phase of high Bgs.
2) my leg has variable absorption rates.
3) it was just a random "bad site".

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