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Re: [IPk] alcohol-etc

> >Assuming you're not going to be dancing or doing anything energetic, might
> >it not be better to bolus for the alcohol and then eat somehting later
> >when you get home
> >without bolusing for it and/or reduce the nightime basal rate? That
> >way you might in theory avoid both the high and the low?
> depends on if you want to fiddle with the pump and work out doses etc when 
> you might well be... ummm, drunk! could make some bad judgements re 
> carb-insulin ratios.

> I guess it all comes down to personal preferance. What do you want from the 
> pump on a night out? a good time or good BGs or both? Depends on how much 
> effort you want to put into it.
> Trial and error I think is the way to work it.
> Eleanor

Yes, I take your point, Ele.
The reason I stopped drinking beer was because it just wasn't worth it
any more - it did such horrible things to my Bgs and I felt like ****
afterwards. hangover + high/low Bgs is not pleasant. So, I', aiiming
to come to some sort of compromise whereby my BGs are realtively OK
but I can still have a good time and not have to be worrying too much
about ratios etc. Like I said though, I can do dm-related things in my

Guess i'm just going to have to get drunk in the name of science and
do some experimenting :-)


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