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Re: [IPk] natty

> > John N, I think you said you bolused for the alcohol too? What do you
> > do about the low later? Or don't you get that?
> Not sure. Still perfecting this one. Dry wine I ignore. Beer does funny
> things, and I ignore a high, like Ele. Trouble is finding the right carb
> content.

I've found that generally the low occurs about 12 hours later rather
than in the middle of the night. So it's easier to spot and correct.

> Di - you mentioned that when you're almost too drunk to get your key in
> the front door, you can still manage the bedtime injection. Animal
> survival instinct. Funny isn't it.

What, me? I wouldn't know, I never drink :-)
yes, seriously, I can do anything related to diabetes while blind
drunk (though at a recent meeting of UK diabetics in Manchester after
we'd been drinking it did
take me about 6 goes to stab my finger and get the blood to g o on the
test strip and not the floor, much to everyone's amusement!
yes, it must be some kind of preservation instinct!
Can't be just practice as I've had enuogh practice at getting my key
in the door!

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