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Re: [IPk] natty

None of them are nasty or meant to make me sound hard or tough or anything
like that, i have them for myself and not for any other reason.  I think
all these skulls and other tattoos are really nasty, I see what i have as
art, like a good painting.  If we ever all get together to meet up, i can
assure you that you wouldn't guess it was me when i walked in the room.

Piercing i really could not stand that, way way to painful, cannot see that
point does nothing for me at all.

Interesting your point about adrenaline, the normal reading in a 24 hour
urine test is supposed to be somewhere round the 50 mark (so I'm told),
when i was in hospital about 6 weeks ago mine was 220 and a week or so ago
it was up to 330.  The docs are a bit unsure about this and are doing more
test, but he told me that it doesn't even reach 220 when people do a bunge
jump.  They say that this could be why i feel like falling a sleep all the
time but who knows.


At 18:11 03/05/1999 +0000, you wrote:
>hmm! all sounds luuurvly!!
>One of my best friends has a couple of tattoos, along with about 25 
>piercings, and I'm not joking! 4 in her belly button, 2 in her tongue and 
>the rest in her ears... or so she tells me!!! ;o)
>So the adrenaline increases your BGs? funny old thing adrenaline!
>The one on your sholder sounds cute!
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