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Re: [IPk] natty

This is now my third and after each time I say thats it no more, way to
painful.  At the top of my left arm i have a large red rose and on the top
of my right are i have a black panther .  The one i had done yesterday was
on my right sholderblade and is a portrait of my 8 month old baby daughter
when she was 6 months old in gray shading.  This one really hurt coz Jonnie
the tattooist had to use a very fine needle for 2.5 hours to get the
shading right.  I had to get him to stop a few times to check my BG as they
were riseing but also to have a break and let the pain subside.  

It is very swollen and black and looks pretty evil at the moment but as the
brusing goes down it will be much better although i dont think he has quite
got the smile right so i will go back and get that touched up in about 2
weeks just to make it look a tad more realistic.

Oh well now to try and go to bed and sleep on it, only problem is it tends
to weep and bleed a little at night, this will last about 4-5 days before
it scabs up and then about 6-7 days for that to all drop off, and then it
will feel like leather for about 4-5 weeks and after that the shading will
look much better and will have faded and it will just feel like normal skin

It always makes me smile to myself because in the day I wear a suit and
advise top blogs what they should and shouldnt be doing with there IT
systems, and if they saw the tattoos underneath I can emagine there faces
:-( but its still ok.

I think that answered your question, i seem to have rambled on about loads
of other junk, just think if we were talking on the phone it would cost a
fortune and i probably would have sent you to sleep.

Hello, hello, hello is anyone there, anyone out there still awake.........

........... No !  Oh well best go to bed. ;-) ;-)

At 21:33 02/05/1999 +0000, you wrote:
>what and where? if you don't mind me asking natty, i am refering to the 
>glad you had a good night out!!
>I had an excelent weekend... again!! it must be all this sun! and weekend 
>isn't even over!
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