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[IPk] alcohol-etc

>Of course, that was all hypothetical since you're not old enough to
>drink. Ele? <vbg> (at least until last week).

Oooops!! <l> walked into that one!

>Assuming you're not going to be dancing or doing anything energetic, might
>it not be better to bolus for the alcohol and then eat somehting later
>when you get home
>without bolusing for it and/or reduce the nightime basal rate? That
>way you might in theory avoid both the high and the low?

depends on if you want to fiddle with the pump and work out doses etc when 
you might well be... ummm, drunk! could make some bad judgements re 
carb-insulin ratios.

I guess it all comes down to personal preferance. What do you want from the 
pump on a night out? a good time or good BGs or both? Depends on how much 
effort you want to put into it.

Trial and error I think is the way to work it.


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