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Re: [IPk] natty

Well I went out last night and boy did we drink, by the amount that I spent
I recon we have about 28-30 shots each, my BG was 14.6 when I went to bed
which was 4:40 am and was 12.3 when I got up at 8am (yes i do feel like c**p).

Didn't bolus for any food and had half a litre of milk before going to
sleep, seemed to work ok.

I don't drink at all except about 3-4 times a year when I really do go for
it and make up for lost time ;-)

Anyway, I'm now going to go back to bed as my head is hurting as well as my
back (I also had another tattoo done yesterday afternoon which shifted the
BG up a bit, I guess stress and all that)

At 15:33 02/05/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>Diana Maynard wrote:
>> John N, I think you said you bolused for the alcohol too? What do you
>> do about the low later? Or don't you get that?
>Not sure. Still perfecting this one. Dry wine I ignore. Beer does funny
>things, and I ignore a high, like Ele. Trouble is finding the right carb
>> P.S. Like the term "whitey"!
>> My friends tend to call it "zoning out" cos I just tend to sit there
>> and look completely spaced out :-)
>I just call it la-la-land.
>I had my stag night last December. We'd been drinking steadily all
>evening. Always the worst. Bg was fine. About 2am I staggered back to my
>hotel, and passed out. My best man poured me into my bed, and in the
>process ripped out my infusion set. We were both too far gone. I was too
>paralytic to respond, but I knew something bad had happened. About 4am,
>still in alcoholic stupor, I managed to stuff a new infusion set in -
>Tender. God knows how. Practice I suppose. But I did it perfectly. Next
>morning, bg was perfect, and I got married with a dreadful hangover.
>Di - you mentioned that when you're almost too drunk to get your key in
>the front door, you can still manage the bedtime injection. Animal
>survival instinct. Funny isn't it.
>PS I'm away till Tuesday afternoon.
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