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Re: [IPk] natty

Diana Maynard wrote:
> John N, I think you said you bolused for the alcohol too? What do you
> do about the low later? Or don't you get that?

Not sure. Still perfecting this one. Dry wine I ignore. Beer does funny
things, and I ignore a high, like Ele. Trouble is finding the right carb

> P.S. Like the term "whitey"!
> My friends tend to call it "zoning out" cos I just tend to sit there
> and look completely spaced out :-)

I just call it la-la-land.

I had my stag night last December. We'd been drinking steadily all
evening. Always the worst. Bg was fine. About 2am I staggered back to my
hotel, and passed out. My best man poured me into my bed, and in the
process ripped out my infusion set. We were both too far gone. I was too
paralytic to respond, but I knew something bad had happened. About 4am,
still in alcoholic stupor, I managed to stuff a new infusion set in -
Tender. God knows how. Practice I suppose. But I did it perfectly. Next
morning, bg was perfect, and I got married with a dreadful hangover.

Di - you mentioned that when you're almost too drunk to get your key in
the front door, you can still manage the bedtime injection. Animal
survival instinct. Funny isn't it.

PS I'm away till Tuesday afternoon.
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