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Re: [IPk] alarming pumps

John N wrote:
> These are the classic pump skills you acquire over time. Bubbles hide in
> the screw connector where the tubing joins the cartridge. You've got to
> know what a bubble there looks like in order to know there aren't any
> there... if you follow. Vigorous flicking, knocking, shaking, whatever
> will dislodge the bubble, and clear the system when you are priming it.

Well I've successfully managed to change the reservoir and tubing for
the first time without getting any bubbles (unless they appear again
towards the end of the reservoir).

Maybe I'm getting the knack. I spotted the big bubble just as it was
going into hiding in the connector and managed to get rid of it.

Another question:
I'm not planning to do this regularly but on Friday night I knew I
didn't have much insulin left, but I knew there was enogh to get me
through my dance class till I got home so I wasn't worried.
I reduced my basal by half as I have been doing which seems to work
really well. 3 hours later my BG had gone from 3.8 to 16! There was a
tiny bit of insulin left in the reservoir and the pump hadn't alarmed
at all. There didn't appear to be any air in the tube, but I'm
wondering if when it gets near the end it gets a bit dodgy? There
didn't appear to be any other explanation (it wasn't a rebound from
the low before as I checked a bit later and it was fine).


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