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[IPk] natty

you're best bet natty is to... hmmm, maybe i shouldn't say this actually, 
i'll probably get a telling off! oh, what the heck! in my experience it's 
best not to test your blood till the next morning. just let it do what it 
wants to do. Make sure your blood is ok before you go out, drink 
(obviously!), eat a bit of bread/biscuit/crisps/whatever but with no bolus 
when you get home and wait till morning. if you test when you get in you're 
going to be high cos of the sugar in the alcohol but you most definately 
don't want any insulin cos you'll have a major whitey early hours... soz, 
whitey is what me and mates call a majoy hypo...

right, hope that's useful and not too patronising!! i'm off out (what a 
suprise!), have fun!!


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