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Re: [IPk] Di

Hi, me I'm in Jersey, been on the pump for 10 days and its great, had to
shave my tummy thought as taking the tenders off was way too painful with
hair.  Tonight is the first time I have been out on the booze since being
on the pump so should be interesting.

I here your the youngest pumper, well I think I got diabetes the youngest
on the group, i was just 2 when diagnosed so maybe we have something in common.

I hope whatever you have heard about me is good, the people who tell you
bad things about me are all lieing ;-)

Bye for now


At 13:48 01/05/1999 +0000, you wrote:
>What clinic do you go to? Is it in Britain?
>Is everyone on this forum from Britain. Who are the guys from Jersey I've 
>been hearing about?!
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