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Re: [IPk] alarming pumps

Diana Maynard wrote:

> As I said, I have got someone to check it and it looked fine at the
> time to them. Then the air appeared later. I know air can't just
> appear from nowhere so I guess it just must have been hiding :-)

These are the classic pump skills you acquire over time. Bubbles hide in
the screw connector where the tubing joins the cartridge. You've got to
know what a bubble there looks like in order to know there aren't any
there... if you follow. Vigorous flicking, knocking, shaking, whatever
will dislodge the bubble, and clear the system when you are priming it.

I find filling the cartridge a pain, which is why I use 3ml to reduce
the time I spend doing it. I know it sticks out a bit, but there we are.
I have better things to do with my time frankly.

The first SofSets I had in Jan 1998 had angular recesses that readily
trapped bubbles, but later the design was changed to make it less

I don't know how the implantable pump (Minimed2000?) does it, but if I
were redesgning the pump, I would put the insulin in a thin plastic bag
(a tiny version of a wine box) and have the pump turbine set in the line
from the bag to the tube.

> That was it, i think. A35. It only happened once.
> I guess I just must have hit it by mistake.
> I'll watch out for that one.

I've had spurious errors over time. On the Minimed507 there _are_ bugs
in the software that cause it to crash. I've had this confirmed by a
technician I spoke to in California. In one instance, on each hour, it
runs a series of safety checks. If you are bolusing at the same time,
very very occasionally the program crashes. Nice thought isn't it! There
are no serious implications here though, since it just means the pump
stops and the alarm sounds.

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