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Re: [IPk] Testing

 Glad youbre managing OK Rhoda! To be honest, therebs a lot of panic, but
Ibve seen no evidence of essential services not working as usual, other than
the lack of ability to buy loo roll - Ibve only got 2 loo rolls left now and
havenbt seen one in days in the local supermarket. However, I will also not die
without loo roll!
Stay safe

 > On 20 Mar 2020, at 06:34, Rhoda Martin
<email @ redacted> wrote:
 > Oops.resending from correct email address! Sent from wrong one on Wednesday
> although not bounced it has disappeared into the etheric spam box or similar!
> Rhoda
>> For what itbs worth, yesterday I ordered supplies from Air Liquide - UK
> distributor for Tandem T2 Pump. While I have considerable reservations about
> some aspects of the pump, supplies are delivered by courier next working day.
> And yes, they arrived today. They automatically send 3 months' supplies at a
> time.
>> So far had no issues with obtaining insulin and test strips. All my
 > medications are delivered from the pharmacy in the next village within 1-2
 > of being requested from the surgery who sends the script through
> Given I'm in the age group of being self-quarantined for the next 3 months at
 > least I'm grateful that's one issue I donbt currently have to worry about.
> list of my health issues would require this approach in any case as I have no
> intention of using my pre-paid funeral plan for some time to come!
>> Best wishes one and all and keep well - and sane - if possible. 
>> Rhoda
>>> On 17 Mar 2020, at 19:43, Nanette Freedman
> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>> Hi Christine,
>>> I have also been finding that mail from ip-uk, among other things,
>>> frequently lands up in my spam folder.
>>> Those in the UK will hopefully chime in about supplies in the UK,
>>> since I can't contribute to that discussion.
>>> Here in Israel with more stringent restrictions on movement than in
>>> the UK currently in effect, I'm also a little concerned about
>>> supplies, even though pharmacies remain open and delivery services are
>>> becoming increasingly important, though of course busy and overbooked.
>>> The only message I've taken away from this so far is to request any
>>> supplies very well in advance. I seem to have a good stock thankfully,
>>> but will plan to order more as well in advance as possible and assume
>>> that delivery time will be at least doubled.
>>> As for the virus and type 1, I guess this is a question we all have
>>> regardless of where we live, and I have yet to read anything useful
>>> about this.
>>> Since type 1 DM is an autoimmune disease, that doesn't bode so well
>>> for us. So it's worth taking extra care to avoid risk of contact with
>>> the virus, although that could be horribly restrictive, and
>>> challenging as to how to keep fit in mind and body. I was lucky enough
>>> to take a beautiful hike in a nearby national park yesterday - the
>>> weather was ideal and lots of people were out, although everyone
>>> taking care to maintain 2 metres distance so I didn't feel at risk -
>>> but today they've closed the national parks to visitors in order to
>>> minimize spread of the disease. I was supposed to be travelling to
>>> London tomorrow for a long weekend with my mum - that's obviously not
>>> happening.
>>> Take care everyone
>>> Nanette
>>> On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 at 22:19, Christine Bousfield
>>> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>>> Hi Nanette
>>>> This was in my junk file
 >>>> But I would welcome some discussion about the virus and type 1 and
>>> in
>>>> the uk
>>>> All best
>>>> Christine
>>>> Sent from my iPhone
>>>>> On 15 Mar 2020, at 14:47, Nanette Freedman
>>>> <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I'm just testing to make sure the list is functioning, since there
>>>>> have been so few mails recently.
>>>>> I'm wondering if everyone is in some sort of Corona virus daze,
>>>>> wondering what will happen next, or if this is just one of the natural
>>>>> fluctuations of the list.
>>>>> Keep well and healthy.
>>>>> All the best
>>>>> Nanette
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