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[IPk] Update on continuing occlusions

 So far today I've had 4 in 5 hours with a new s/s set, cartridge etc started
last night. One occurred while on the phone to an Animas nurse in huge USA. 3rd
time I've spoken with her!

All usual questions asked and answered.  

 Also had 2 lots of "Pump not primed for I delivery" which is not recorded on
alarm history. Apparently this is a warning not alarm but the actions required
are the same as for an occlusion.

 The nurse could not tell me whether the returned used tubing would or could be
tested for crystallised insulin. I requests that this be done but apparently the
nurse in the US could
not do this.  

I asked for another replacement pump which will come on Wednesday.

 Meantime I contacted Animas UK and requested to speak to a senior member of I
the technical/medical team from the USA. 3 hours on I am still waiting.

 In another email discussion with my DSN we discussed trying bovine as opposed
to porcine insulin and she is leaving me an rx for that but I am housebound
waiting for this supposed call from Animas USA. The DSN is not allowed to fax
the rx through to the pharmacy so I have to do a 24 mile round trip to pick it
up the wait for it to be specifically ordered and delivered since no one else is
on this insulin.

 The centre does not hold pumps so cannot loan me a different make, but we are
holding in reserve the possibility of approaching a different pump company to
ask for a loan.

 I'm getting a tad cheesed off with all of this and seem to be the only
proactive person in it, but then I do have a vested interest in finding a

 I think I'll go do I battle with weeds to work off some of my frustration and


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