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Re: [IPk] Update on continuing occlusion alarms saga

Hi Rhoda,

Ruling out the obvious leaves only the unlikely.
Any physical changes to environment - do these occur in specific places or
Any other medication changes?, any changes you can think of in fact since
you started having these problems?
Maybe you could try a different insulin again, I've heard of people who
were on the same one for years and then had to change for no apparent
reason. Just because one stopped working, doesn't rule it out for ever!

Is it possible to try a different pump for a bit - maybe the hospital could
lend you another brand?

Lastly, could you try yet another pump?  I work with machine repairs, and
have had a few occasions where I've replaced a part and got the same
symptoms.  As I said we're onto the unlikely/very unlikely, but possibles

With every good wish,

T1 Essex, UK.
Minimed 515 pump
Current A1C Jan 2014 36.9(5.5%)

On 28 March 2014 11:11, Rhoda Martin <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  Think all options covered and nothing has resolved the issue. Pump
> replaced,
> different Lot numbers of sets (Teflon and Stainless Steel), cartridges,
> insulin,
> new sites yet conclusions still occurring. Can be as many as 3 in a day.
> Technique reviewed and said to be okay.
> Occlusions only occur during basal not bolus.
>  Clutching at straws both Animas and I are wondering whether my body is
> mounting
> a ridiculously powerful response to the presence of a 'foreign body' i.e.
> cannula of whatever type.
>  I developed antibodies to human analogue insulins and reverted to using
> pork
> neutral without any issues.
>  However my eldest sister also has a wacky immune system that over-reacts
> to
> common naturally occurring chemicals in food which causes mega anaphylactic
> shock syndrome. I'm starting to wonder whether there may be a genetic
> component
> in this hyper-sensitive autoimmune system present in both of us?
>  But how do I check whether this is the issue? Since the pump has been
> changed I
> rule out pump issues.
> Any thought on this anyone?
>  By the way for newbies, Animas has never come across this before.
> conclusions
> yes, but not where all avenues of resolving it have been exhausted. DSN
> similarly has no other suggestion.
>  Do you think it would be worth contacting another pumping centre for their
> thoughts on this?
>  Meantime, I disconnect tubing, prime it - no problem - reconnect and
> continue
> until the next occlusion alarm. (Sensitivity setting is on Low, bolus
> admin rate
> - Slow)
> Rhoda
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