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Re: [IPk] Update on continuing occlusion alarms saga

Hi Rhoda
It might be worth contacting a wider group, e.g. the US pumpers list? 
You can search the archives without being a member. Michael Robinton 
might have some suggestions also?
I guess at least the good thing is that for now at least, you can 
resolve the issue with priming and reconnecting, frustrating though it is.

On 28/03/14 11:11, Rhoda Martin wrote:
 > Think all options covered and nothing has resolved the issue. Pump replaced,
 > different Lot numbers of sets (Teflon and Stainless Steel), cartridges,
> new sites yet conclusions still occurring. Can be as many as 3 in a day.
> Technique reviewed and said to be okay.
> Occlusions only occur during basal not bolus.
 > Clutching at straws both Animas and I are wondering whether my body is
> a ridiculously powerful response to the presence of a 'foreign body' i.e.
> cannula of whatever type.
 > I developed antibodies to human analogue insulins and reverted to using pork
> neutral without any issues.
>   However my eldest sister also has a wacky immune system that over-reacts to
> common naturally occurring chemicals in food which causes mega anaphylactic
 > shock syndrome. I'm starting to wonder whether there may be a genetic
> in this hyper-sensitive autoimmune system present in both of us?
 > But how do I check whether this is the issue? Since the pump has been changed
> rule out pump issues.
> Any thought on this anyone?
 > By the way for newbies, Animas has never come across this before. conclusions
> yes, but not where all avenues of resolving it have been exhausted. DSN
> similarly has no other suggestion.
>   Do you think it would be worth contacting another pumping centre for their
> thoughts on this?
 > Meantime, I disconnect tubing, prime it - no problem - reconnect and continue
 > until the next occlusion alarm. (Sensitivity setting is on Low, bolus admin
> - Slow)
> Rhoda
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