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Re: [IPk] New Accucheck pump/cost of CGM

 I wear mine all the time now. As B initially i found the alarms going off
exhausting and took a couple of days cgm break after each sensor expire now i
can,t bear to be without it as i am so much worse B without it as i could not
put in all the extra insulin tweaks without it ,my bg levels move very
dramatically so i find i dont get the accuracy that others seem too but i dont
fall over as much as i used to although hypos are still B an issue for me. I
love my vibe and the G4 :)

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-------- Original message --------
From: Joel Milner <email @ redacted> 
Date: 26/03/2014  16:05  (GMT+00:00) 
To: email @ redacted 
Subject: Re: [IPk] New Accucheck pump/cost of CGM 
Jon wrote:

>>>> I think a lot of people probably use it for a few weeks at a time and then
have a break.

>>> I think the dexcom CGM is a game-changer, but even I cant see myself
wearing it
365 days a year!

I suspect that a lot of the "self-funders" do indeed wear it 24/7/365. I
started out about 4 years ago using date-expired Sof Sensors purchased at much
reduced price from the US grey market. I recently switched to using Dexcom G4
sensors purchased legitimately from Animas. I have had a sensor inserted
virtually every day over this period - the couple of missing days have been due
to technical problems (transmitter failure etc.).

Obviously it is an expensive option and not affordable for many people.
However, IMO, knowing your BG at all times and as importantly the trend line
with a quick glance at a screen, without having to resort to a fingerstick is a
HUGE HUGE advance!! Definitely a game changer. I suspect that if/when a funding
policy emerges for CGM, it will be centred around trying to improve the
situation of a minority who have particular control difficulties. In this sense
it will be rather like the old NICE guidelines, in which you had to be (or at
 least claim to be) a "failure" on MDI before you could be considered for a

On this basis I would not qualify for CGMS funding. What I get from it has
nothing to do with my HbA1c or chances of ending up in A & E and everything to
do with a better quality of life. If your pancreas is ****ed and you are trying
to control your BG levels using a pump, knowing what your levels are and where
they are going makes life infinitely easier and less stressful in so many ways.
If I wake up at 3 am I don't have to think about getting up to do a test. I
don't have to carb-count to the nearest 0.1 of a gram (I can guess and then see
if it's going wrong over the next few hours). A case of the bleedin' obvious
really. Sadly I suspect that these sorts of considerations are not going to be
included in any future policy.

Rant over...

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