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Re: [IPk] New Accucheck pump/cost of CGM

 Hi Jonathan, I want to make the case for self funding the CGM with the animas
vibe: I suspect very few people use CGM for 52 weeks a year, I think a lot of
people probably use it for a few weeks at a time and then have a break. I
recently got an Animas vibe pump from the NHS and Animas gave me a free trial
run of 2 dexcom CGM sensors (about a months worth of CGM time) which convinced
me of how useful it is, and I have just self-funded a dexcom GCM starter kit
with 4 sensors and a transmitter at a cost of #500. I plan to try to get the
most "learning" value out of each sensor/CGM period and then have a gap without
CGM where I try to apply what I learned.
 My experiences and those of other users on this forum suggest that you may well
be very impressed with what the Dexcom CGM tells you. A personal investment of
#500 for 4 sensors and a transmitter, which going on my experiences and those of
other users, will give you 8 to 12 weeks of CGM with the option of buying more
sensors at approx #45 each until the transmitter conks out after 6-12 months
(but there is no obligation to spend more if you dont want to) - this could be a
very very wise investment of #500.... I wish I had had this option years ago
before I got complications....
 I think the dexcom CGM is a game-changer, but even I cant see myself wearing it
365 days a year!

Type 1 33 years. Pumping since 2006 with animas 2012 and now animas vibe.
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