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RE: [IPk] New Accucheck pump

Ruth Wrote:

>>>> One of the best things I ever spent money on!...

 I completely agree. It just makes life SO MUCH EASIER. If I wake up at 3.00 am
I can immediately see where my BG is without having to get up and do a
fingerstick. I can see my BG trend in real time 24/7, which makes bolus
guesstimating for restaurant meals, Chinese food, or anything where the carb
count is not obvious much less critical. I usually watch the sensor trace and
adjust/correct as necessary.

 As far as pump choice is concerned, it is rather a matter of individual choice.
All three of the commonly available pumps will do an equally good job of pumping
insulin. I switched to the Vibe from Medtronic, and I still find the menu system
irritatingly clunky and poorly designed. Operations like bolusing require more
button presses. However it works perfectly fine and I really appreciate the
integration with the Dexcom CGM. I don't personally want to carry round ANY
extra pieces of kit such as a CGM receiver (so I wouldn't want to use the Roche
pump with its separate handheld controller ). OTOH, some people like to be able
to do remote boluses and prefer a separate CGM receiver.

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