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Re: [IPk] Time for an upgrade

I've twice switched from one pump to another - first from Disetronic
to Cozmo, and then recently from Cozmo to Animas Vibe.
Really a pump is a pump - once you've used one you are unlikely to
have major adjustment problems. More important is to consider both
advantages and disadvantages of any change you are contemplating,
including not only the greater convenience for you of a remote device
(and probably more user-friendly menus), but also how crucial things
like differences in insulin delivery might affect you in the light of
your needs, availability of compatible CGM (if you are likely to use
it), and most important, the level of customer services.
Best of luck with the choice

On 20 March 2014 14:43, Mary Lee <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I currently have an Animas 2020 which I am now due to have replaced (my first
> and only pump).  I had the opportunity of speaking with the Animas rep
> yesterday and talking through the additional features on the Vibe, the latest
> Animas offering and available for me to upgrade to.
> The CGM facility is a great plus and there are a few other little tweaks.
> However, I was somewhat disappointed to learn that it does not have the added
> feature of a hand held device to operate it from afar so that I could move on
> from having to dip into my bra to fish it out to bolus!  However, as I am
> surviving currently with that method,  I'm not sure that moving to a totally
> different pump that has hand held facility is worth worrying about in the
 > scheme of things. Animas has great customer service and overall, and touching
> wood, I have been really pleased with the 2020.  I would appreciate opinions
> from those who have perhaps moved to an alternative pump and been happy with
> making that change.
> Regards
> Mary
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