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Re: [IPk] Re: Diasend Animas Vibe upload help needed

Hi Mary,

The meter figures that have been entered into your pump before
bolusing are, in Diasend terminology, the 'manual' figures - there is
no other way to enter information manually - or so Diasend answered
when I sent an email asking this question.

The reason that it takes a long time to upload the data from the pump
is presumably because there is a lot of data, and not such a fast link
- I don't know why the link isn't faster, or if the software is doing
lots of checks - but there is for sure much more information on the
pump which is delivering basal insulin at 3 minute intervals 24 hours
a day, plus several simple or complex boluses, than when uploading
probably no more than 5-15 blood glucose readings from a glucometer.

I find it detects my glucometer (Caresense N) as soon as it is
connected, but does take longer to detect the pump, though as I wrote
after a lot of difficulty the first few times, I now seem to have it
connecting fairly quickly to the pump too.


On 20 March 2014 14:31, Mary Lee <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi - I also use Diasend to download my FreeStyle Optium and LifeScan Verio
> meters and my Animas 2020 pump.  It does seem to take an age for Diasend to
> pick up that 'something' has been connected before it decides to download and
> that's without having manually entered figures although, as you have
> mentioned, some of the figures may be duplicated simply because you have
> entered your meter figures into the pump before bolusing.  Mary
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