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Re: [IPk] Timesulin query

Hi Joel,

I've done a little experimenting. You appear to be absolutely correct
that the stupid temp basal rate message (stupid because it doesn't
tell you whether or not the 0.025u/hour limit is relevant to the temp
basal you just set) is set whenever you set a low temp basal. It does
not appear when you set a temp raised basal.

About the slower vs faster bolus, you may be right there too - so far
my sets (only 2 so far) seem to be doing better with the faster bolus
than with the slower bolus - and I'm certainly happier with it, the
slower one takes an age (I couldn't understand why the Animas rep, who
set my pump up with slower bolus, told me bolus was still so much
faster with Animas - from your description I now guess he was
comparing with Minimed, not with my lovely old Cozmo) and as long as
it is running it is much too easy to cancel accidentally by touching
some button while replacing the pump wherever you keep it. The slower
option is presumably provided because there are people who have pain
at the infusion site during fast bolus delivery.


On 17 March 2014 18:40, Joel Milner <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Nanette:
>  Re your Q about my basal rates - they are fantastically uneven, ranging from
 > 0.300 u/hr overnight in the wee small hours to 1.900 u/hr from 06:00 to
08:30. I
 > thought about trying the slower bolus rate but decided against it. As you
> this is for "academic interest only", and since things seem to work OK, why
> change. Also with the Vibe, you have to wait until AFTER the bolus is fully
> delivered before you are offered the option of using the fingerstick to
> calibrate the CGM. With the slow delivery this means a significant wait.
>  I am pretty sure that the temporary basal rate message is boilerplate which
> comes up every time you set up a temporary basal.
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