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Re: [IPk] Timesulin query

Hi Nanette:

 Re your Q about my basal rates - they are fantastically uneven, ranging from
0.300 u/hr overnight in the wee small hours to 1.900 u/hr from 06:00 to 08:30. I
thought about trying the slower bolus rate but decided against it. As you say,
this is for "academic interest only", and since things seem to work OK, why
change. Also with the Vibe, you have to wait until AFTER the bolus is fully
delivered before you are offered the option of using the fingerstick to
calibrate the CGM. With the slow delivery this means a significant wait.

 I am pretty sure that the temporary basal rate message is boilerplate which
comes up every time you set up a temporary basal.


 The Dexcom transmitter cannot be charged. Once the battery has run out, you
have to replace it. Dexcom guarantee 6 months life. I have only been using mine
for 4 months so I don't know exactly how long it will last, but from other
users, the figure of 9 months seems to be commonly quoted. The MM transmitter is
re-chargeable. I got nearly 3 years out of my first one before it finally died.

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