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Re: [IPk] Sensors & Animas Vibe Update

 Its interesting that you say that as i have been using g4 for 14 months and
because my bgs move rapidley i find its often up to 7mmols out and they are not
that accurate at times they can be but it varies i find the direction arrows
useful and i would not treat B with insulin unless i checked first as

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From: Joel Milner <email @ redacted> 
Date: 14/03/2014  12:36  (GMT+00:00) 
To: email @ redacted 
Subject: Re: [IPk] Sensors & Animas Vibe Update 
Hi Fay:

I would just like to echo what Cathy has said. The pump works fine although the
 menu system is awkward and operations seem to require a lot of button presses.
wouldn't recommend it as a pump if I were using it as a standalone, but the
Dexcom G4 system is totally amazing and I am prepared to put up with the
annoying menus.

I have been using the Vibe and Dexcom sensors since November. The sensors are
 very reliable and almost always within 10% of a fingerstick. Insertion is
and painless. Unlike the MM sensors, which often gave weird incorrect readings,
particularly as they got older, the Dexcoms seem to run perfectly and then die
very rapidly (accompanied by the ??? readout) so it is easy to tell if they are
 failing. You are specifically advised NOT to use Dexcom readings for boluses
I do so and have not had any problems. I am now down to around 4 fingersticks
per day - on a good day I can get away with 2! IMHO it really is the "holy
grail". The MM sensors were extremely useful but the G4's are in a different
league. With the Sof Sensors used to get a lot of false alarms but with the
Dexcom I know NOT to ignore warnings as THE SENSOR IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

I buy my sensors direct from Animas. They are IIRC around #185 for a box of 4
(which is cheaper than buying them from Advance Therapeutics who are Dexcom's
 representatives in the UK). I am averaging around 18 days out of each sensor.
 current one is on day 22 and was within 0.1 mmolL of my fingerstick this
AND last night at bedtime!! I stick mine down with Opsite Flexfix tape and
recently purchased some Skin-Tac from the USA. It would be interesting to know
if the record long life of my current sensor is due to the Skin Tac.

Remember when calculating costs, that you will need to buy the transmitter from
Animas. It lasts around 9 months and costs #330.

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