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Re: [IPk] Omnipod and hearing aid

Hi Tricia
I don't have an omnipod or a Roger pen - but I have a pump which accepts BG
results wirelessly from meter and also communicates with CGM wirelessly,
and hearing aids.
About 3 years ago I was supplied with a Phonak Smartlink (looks as though
that was a forerunner of the roger Pen) under Access to Work.  It never
occurred to me that there might be a problem, The only possible issue I can
imagine would be the chance of interference on the hearing aid when
something was transmitting to the pump - but this is only for a very short
time every so often, so I wouldn't see it as a problem. Presumably your
remote transmits bolus requests etc to the pod?

I now use a Conversor Pro to listen to the TV - that sends a wireless
signal to a neckloop, and I use my HAs on the loop setting. No problems.

But have you used one of this type of device before? If not, please check
you can return it if no use - I couldn't manage with the Smartlink at work
at all - picked up so many noises I didn't want to hear.  (Also, make sure
no-one wanders off eg to the loo, with it round their neck!)

Hope you find the Roger pen useful - be interested to hear how you find it.

On 14 March 2014 17:12, cherrycottage <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  I have an Omnipod and am thinking of buying a Phonak Roger Pen which is a
> high
> tech gadget to go with a hearing aid that supposedly helps you to hear in
> group
> situations.
>  As I don't understand anything about wireless compatibility, I contacted
> Omnipod and Phonak
>  Omnipod looked into it and thought it would most probably would be OK but
> wouldn't commit. Phonak copped out of it and said it was best to speak to
> Omnipod or my GP!!!
>  does anyone have any experience in radio frequencies and therefore could
> give
> an idea about this problem? I don't expect there are many Omnipod users
> who also
> want this new bit of kit too.
>  Incidently, I have been told by an Omnipod nurse that the replacement
> Freestyle
> strips supplied by Abbott are not accurate either and not to use them. she
> suggest using a different meter and entering manually til Abbott sort it
> out.
> Tricia Barker
> .
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