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Re: [IPk] Timesulin query


 When I was pumping with the 522 I was self-funding CGM on a 24/7 basis using
Medtronic Sof-sensors that I was picking up at reduced price from the "grey
market" so I have had a good handle on my BGs for several years.

  TBH the reduction in basal is something I do not really understand and would
not have predicted in advance. I am using the same infusion sets (the Comfort
shorts are identical to the 13 mm Silhouettes). I suppose that the smaller more
frequent basal deliveries is a possibility.

  Another explanation (although this is entirely speculation) is that it is
connected to the speed of bolus delivery. I have always had problems keeping
sets working efficiently. I use a 2-day rotation and with the 522, I often
noticed that my CGM trace would be rising on night 2. I hardly ever see this
with the Vibe. John Pickup has presented evidence that one of the main causes of
site degradation is the denaturation of insulin at and around the cannula caused
by reduced pH. This can cause partial clogging of the cannula and absorption
problems. Of the three Analog insulins, Apidra (which I use) is much the most
prone to this problem. The Vibe delivers boluses very rapidly, whereas MM pumps
take geological time to do so. Perhaps the rapidly delivered boluses are acting
to flush the cannula and keep it clear of denatured insulin.

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