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Re: [IPk] hi carb meal/wrong bolus/where did i go wrong?

Hi Clare
There are two points here. Wholemeal bread etc is generally considered 
healthier, so it's a good choice generally. I'd always eat it out of 
choice over white bread for the healthy reason. But that's nothing to do 
with diabetes (other than that it's generally considered a good thing 
for diabetics to eat healthily as we have enough wrong with our bodies 
already!). The second point is that on older insulins, food that was 
absorbed more slowly generally was better.

These days with fast-acting insulins, it's not always a good thing to 
have slow-acting carbs as sometimes they work too slowly! Although with 
a pump, you can always square wave. But there's no necessity either (as 
a general rule) to eat only slow acting carbs because modern insulins 
can often cope with the fast rise.

There was a lot of advice given 30 years ago which was valid - or 
thought to be valid - at the time. But there have been a lot of advances 
in diabetes technology (and knowledge) since! This is why it;s important 
not to just blindly follow advice you may have been given a long time ago.

Note that I'm not saying you should eat white bread! There are lots of 
good reasons not to. I just wanted to point out that it's important not 
to think carefully about such blanket rules.

Hope that makes sense. I hate it when people say "diabetics shouldn't 
eat that". In 99.9% of cases, it's not constructive.

On 14/03/2014 11:33, Hayward, Clare (SUT) wrote:
> Hi di
>   I was just told, 33 years ago when I was diagnosed, to move to brown bread,
> brown rice, brown flour wherever I could etc as "better" - healthier, maybe
> better with insulin and to be honest, I've just followed that all these years
 > More fibre, less sugar, more slowly absorbed? I know we can eat everything
 > no food per se is "bad" but white bread isn't overly full of much good stuff
> that's probably another reason I've avoided the naan breads - a bunch of high
> carbs and not much goodness and I've always battled with my weight I live to
> eat, not eat to live
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