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RE: [IPk] hi carb meal/wrong bolus/where did i go wrong?

Hi Di
 Yeah, I won't give up naan - but boy I did feel like doing that this morning
with a raging BG of 15

 It's funny because you know how we all avoid certain foods that we either can't
count/can't be bothered to count or can't face the after effects etc

 Well, I've NEVER eaten naan until a bit earlier last year - just always thought
too much grief with MDIs etc and counting so I've just avoided them ALWAYS and
only ever had rice (also better for diabetics than the white bread and not
fattening, blah blah)

 I tried a couple of times before on the pump but wasn't au fait enough to try
out dual waving boluses so think again went massively high
Now I'm experimenting a bit more, thought I might have got it sussed a bit more

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