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Re: [IPk] hi carb meal/wrong bolus/where did i go wrong?

On 14/03/2014 10:06, Hayward, Clare (SUT) wrote:
 > Yes, may try half a naan. Yes I even freaked at blousing for 8 units which is
 > what I did, as I usually only bolus for 3 units or so. I was panic stricken
> the cinema in the dark) seeing it go to 7 when I had active units of 5 as I
 > thought I would be hypoing shortly but that didn't happen, I went the other
 > Yes I thoguth the tomato sauce dish choice not so fatty or sweet as other
> you could eat so though safeish but Hannah maybe I should have bloused 1 unit
> for it in any event?
>   I'll keep trying as today I just thought that's it, I'm never eating naan
> again!

Don't give up! Just experiment some more. I find with Indian food, if I 
stick to either mainly fat/protein (ie very little rice/naan and lots of 
meat/veg) or mainly carbs (mainly rice/naan - not nearly as interesting) 
I have much fewer problems. I also mostly only eat Indian food after 
sport or prolonged exercise (not deliberately, but it's just the way it 
happens as I only really eat it when away from home and out with 
friends), when my blood sugar tends to drop anyway, so I have to 
under-bolus considerably anyway and it's much easier to deal with.
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