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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V5 #368

Hi Laura,
I always click on the Diasend Uploader icon first, then connect the
device when it starts looking for it - go to the webpage
to get the quick guide for patients in a variety of languages!
And if you still get no joy from it, do email or phone their advice
line - they are very responsive and helpful.

Many people have said on this list that like you they find the Animas
menus clunky or worse. I have the same impression, after 6 months with
the Animas (previously used Cozmo and old Disetronic pumps - both much
more convenient menus, particularly my dear Cozmo). But the Animas is
great for quickly filling cartridges without having to worry about air
bubbles. And the potential compatibility with the Dexcom CGM, whether
or not you use it now, is another big plus. I am still horrified by
the menus, but have no regrets about my choice of pump, even though I
am not using the CGM. And actually I like the Diasend system and
regard that as another benefit of the Animas pump. Although it is
compatible with some other pumps, I'm not sure if it comes free with
them for patient use.

Best of luck

On 6 March 2014 18:50, Diana Maynard <email @ redacted> wrote:
> On 06/03/14 16:40, Laura Holborow wrote:
>> Hi Nanette
>> I've only tried this once so far, and didn't have much idea what to do
>> really. lol.
>> I think I plugged the meter into the computer with the meter cable I was
>> provided with by Freestyle, and then opened up the diasend downloader from
>> my desktop. The computer then automatically opened up the freestyle
>> software. Maybe I should have opened up the diasend software before
>> plugging the meter in?
> The instructions (which I just found online by googling) tell you to connect
> the meter and then open the software. What's the problem when you open the
> Diasend software?
>> I'll try the other way around this evening and see if that works. There
>> aren't any more detailed instructions anywhere on how to use diasend in
>> general are there? I haven't found any, either in my "welcome to animas"
>> pack or from searching online.
> .
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