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Re: [IPk] Re Accuracy of BG meter affecting HbA1c

Hi Ingrid
Yes, I'm sorry - you were writing about the same issue - except that your
new meter reads lower and mine higher - be interesting to hear if it
results in a change to your HbA1c.
Barbara x

On 3 March 2014 18:49, Ingrid Glass <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  the only explanation I can think of is that I changed my meter around the
> time my BGs apparently deteriorated. The Contour NEXT strips are meant to
> be
> more accurate than the ordinary Contour strips. I have just double tested
> over
> a day, once with each meter and out of 6 results, the new meter was
> slightly
> lower once, but the other 5 times it read at least a whole unit
> higher(between
> 1.0 and 1.7 higher). Both are within range with their control solution. So
> the
> new meter gives me a higher reading, so thinking I am higher, I correct and
> adjust basals - hence the brill (for me) HbA1c.
>  Regards Barbara
> >>>>
> Hi Barbara, this is pretty much exactly what I was asking about here last
> (or
> previous?) week, though about 2 other meters (One Touch UltraEasy &
> Freestyle
> Freedom Lite). How can one meter consistently be showing over 1mmol/L
> higher
> or lower against a different meter? (taking into account the allowable 20%
> error margins). We base our correction doses, bolus adjustment etc. etc. on
> these readings, we have a tool which enables precise dosages to be given
> based
> on accurate carb counting, accurate BGs etc. but we could be using meters
> which consistently show significantly higher or lower false readings!!
> My D consultant was surprised when I showed her my meter comparison data!
> And
> I've previously been told by DSN 'but those weren't really hypos you were
> having cos meter was 3.9 or 4' but what if (as I now suspect) One Touch
> Ultra
> Easy shows falsely high readings??
> *grumble grumble*,  Ingrid :)
> .
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