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Re: [IPk] Warranty on pump

Hi Di

INPUT has been forwarded copies of letters on clinic letterhead informing a
patient that the warranty on their pump is expired, but that they can
expect the same service as usual from the pump company in terms of a
replacement if the pump were to break.

There is actually no legal obligation to replace a pump when the warranty
runs out - where did you get that idea? It just places a patient at risk,
which is (however unfortunately) allowed.

As a recent development, Medtronic will now provide one replacement pump
for a patient when their pump breaks out of warranty, but that pump comes
with a loan agreement that the patient must sign and return to the company.
The patient commits to paying the purchase price of a new pump if they do
not return that replacement to Medtronic within 90 days. That gives the
clinic time to organise the replacement.

Hope that explains a bit!


On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 10:54 AM, Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>wrote:

> On 04/03/14 10:49, Melissa Ford wrote:
>> Hi Di
>> Medtronic has taken a more proactive approach to discussing warranties
>> with
>> patients so that they can push the issue with clinics.
> Makes sense - I was worried that they were refusing to honour the order
> for supplies for out-of-date warranties, but maybe this was not what was
> meant.
>  Some clinics have
>> told patients that pumps will continue to be replaced as if they are under
>> warranty after the warranty has expired, which is cheeky.#
> Sorry, I don't understand what you mean here...Do you mean the clinic is
> waiting until the pump breaks before they'll order a new one, after the
> warranty has expired? That was the case with my clinic, until I reminded
> them they were legally obliged to replace it when the warranty ran out.
> Their argument was that the pump wasn't going to stop working just because
> the warranty had expired. My argument was that if it did stop working, I'd
> have to wait for them to authorise a new pump, and Medtronic wouldn't send
> me a temporary replacement. After arguing for a while, they gave in and
> ordered me a new pump!
> Di
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