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Re: [IPk] Warranty on pump

Hi Alice

INPUT is aware of several cases of a pump going out of warranty and people
being asked by their hospital to keep using the same pump.

You do need to contact your DSN asap and pass on the message from
Medtronic. Many hospitals do lose track of time when it comes to pumpers'
warranties and it's important that you get the ball rolling so you know
your hospital's perspective and policies. Once your pump is out of
warranty, Medtronic can able to decline to send out a replacement if yours
were to break, so you need to know where you stand and what your diabetes
team would advise.

You do not need to meet different criteria for a new pump vs keeping
funding for supplies for an existing pump - in either case, your diabetes
care team has only to confirm that you are benefiting from using a pump.

General note: no one in the UK is given a pump 'for life' on the NHS. You
can always say you would like to see how you get on with injections if you
wish. If your control deteriorates because you give up on the behaviours
that made a pump work well, you don't necessarily keep the pump. That said,
it is usually not a surprise if someone's diabetes care team suggests that
they are not benefiting from the pump - people generally can tell for
themselves whether they are benefiting or not. It is important that a
diabetes care team offers additional education and support to try to help
someone get back on track before they actually contact the commissioners to
say that they advise that pump funding be discontinued.

In terms of a change of make, it depends on both your commissioners and
your hospital. Have a read of INPUT's page on pump choice here:

If you really would like to change pumps and your hospital offers only
Medtronic but your commissioners don't mind which pump you get, you could
change hospitals to access the pump you prefer (contact INPUT if you want
more info on this).

Hope this helps
Type 1 19+ years; pump user 18 years; taking off my INPUT Chief Adviser hat

On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 10:34 AM, Alice Monks <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Morning All,
> I'm on a mini-medrtonic pump. I called yesterday to order more supplies and
> was told my warranty has expired. Medtronic said I'll need to contact my
> hospital to ensure that it's renewed and to check about an upgrade.
> I just wondered if anyone knows how this all works? Will the hospital
> automatically renew the warranty (i.e. funding for a pump) or do you still
> have to meet certain criteria? I wondered if it's the case that once you're
> on a pump that's it for life, or whether they review your need for one -
> hope not, as I certainly wouldn't want to go back to injections!
> Also, in terms of an upgrade, do you get a choice or would it just be the
> next model up in Medtronic's range (if there is one).
> Thanks,
> Alice
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