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[IPk] Re Accuracy of BG meter affecting HbA1c

 the only explanation I can think of is that I changed my meter around the
time my BGs apparently deteriorated. The Contour NEXT strips are meant to be
more accurate than the ordinary Contour strips. I have just double tested over
a day, once with each meter and out of 6 results, the new meter was slightly
lower once, but the other 5 times it read at least a whole unit higher(between
1.0 and 1.7 higher). Both are within range with their control solution. So the
new meter gives me a higher reading, so thinking I am higher, I correct and
adjust basals - hence the brill (for me) HbA1c.

 I use CGM some of the time - but of course that is entirely dependent on
calibrating against fingerstick BGs from a meter Has anyone else changed over
to the Contour NEXT (Medtronic have been sending them out as they are the ones
that link to their pumps.) and found a similar effect?

 Regards Barbara


Hi Barbara, this is pretty much exactly what I was asking about here last (or
previous?) week, though about 2 other meters (One Touch UltraEasy & Freestyle
Freedom Lite). How can one meter consistently be showing over 1mmol/L higher
or lower against a different meter? (taking into account the allowable 20%
error margins). We base our correction doses, bolus adjustment etc. etc. on
these readings, we have a tool which enables precise dosages to be given based
on accurate carb counting, accurate BGs etc. but we could be using meters
which consistently show significantly higher or lower false readings!!

My D consultant was surprised when I showed her my meter comparison data! And
I've previously been told by DSN 'but those weren't really hypos you were
having cos meter was 3.9 or 4' but what if (as I now suspect) One Touch Ultra
Easy shows falsely high readings??

*grumble grumble*,  Ingrid :)
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