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[IPk] Accuracy of BG meter affecting HbA1c?

Been trying hard to get my BGs right since December - nothing drastically
wrong, just always a little bit higher than I would like, and seen average
BG go up from around 7.4 previously to 8-ish during the last 3 months, even
though I'd increased basal.  So not looking forward to getting HbA1c result.

Last Sept HbA1c was 7.4, so was expecting high 7s or 8 now BUT it was 6.8 -
lowest ever! Quizzed GP over why it might not be right - she reckoned only
inaccurate if I was anaemic and we know I'm not. Also, I've not changed any
other medication.

So, assuming it's accurate, the only explanation I can think of is that I
changed my meter around the time my BGs apparently deteriorated.  The
Contour NEXT strips are meant to be more accurate than the ordinary Contour
strips. I have just double tested over a day, once with each meter and out
of 6 results, the new meter was slightly lower once, but the other 5 times
it read at least a whole unit higher(between 1.0 and 1.7 higher).  Both are
within range with their control solution.

So the new meter gives me a higher reading, so thinking I am higher, I
correct and adjust basals - hence the brill (for me) HbA1c.

I use CGM some of the time - but of course that is entirely dependent on
calibrating against fingerstick BGs from a meter

Has anyone else changed over to the Contour NEXT (Medtronic have been
sending them out as they are the ones that link to their pumps.) and found
a similar effect?

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