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Re: iBGStar WAS Re: [IPk] I hate my pump

I know someone who has this meter and she said it drains the battery on the
 iphone really quickly.  The other thing is it's not cheap at #48 and they
are not giving them away!


In a message dated 13/03/2012 16:26:31 GMT Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

Hi  Beverley

Sanofi had a significant presence at the ATTD in Barcelona  last month
with the BGStar and iBGStar meters.

The technology that  the Sanofi meters use to measure glucose levels is
very robust and not  vulnerable to interference from a long list of
factors. The company they  licensed it from, Agamatrix, has definitely
done its homework in how to  design a high quality blood glucose meter
and strip.

As for the  iBGStar itself, I will admit to being a bit cheeky when I
was in Barcelona.  Sanofi hosted a big symposium on blood glucose
monitoring, which a few  hundred people attended. One of the presenters
went on at length about how  patients might forget their keys, their bg
meter, etc., but were less  likely to forget their mobile phone.
Throughout the event, assistants  collected slips of paper with
people's questions on them. I anonymously  asked what the iBGStar
system could do to help people remember their test  strips and lancing
device. When the chair read out my question, everyone  chuckled. The
man had to admit that it wasn't capable of helping people  remember
their test strips and lancing device, which still have to be  carried

Incidentally Daily Mail article makes a big  blunder when it uses the
phrase, "Out with the old: Traditional blood  glucose monitors test
drops of blood taken by pricking the skin," which  implies the iBGStar
isn't a traditional meter. Then the article of course  shows someone
about to apply a blood drop to the iBGStar strip.  <sigh>

Still, if you're good at remembering your lancets and test  strips, you
always have a good battery level on your iPhone and you're sure  your
iPhone won't get nicked, the iBGStar is a great  option!

Type 1 18+ years; pumper 15.5+ years

On  Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 4:04 PM, Smith,  Beverley
<email @ redacted> wrote:
>  Did  anyone see the new device and app that will connect to an ipod
touch  or
> iphone and act as a blood glucose meter? It has some diabetes  management
> software with it too apparently. It caught my eye as it is  so  small
>  Regards
>  Beverley
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