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Re: [IPk] Diet

hi Sarah
I think you're missing my point somewhat. But I guess it's a kind of 
glass half-full viewpoint. I think I'm lucky to have type 1 diabetes and 
not have worse complications, to not have been born 100 years ago with 
type 1 diabetes, to have diabetes and not incurable cancer, and in some 
sense to have type 1 and not type 2 diabetes and to be able to eat what 
I want in some sense that many of them cannot. But maybe it's because I 
can sympathise with the situation of knowing that you're not doing 
what's in your own best interests healthwise, but doing it anyway, that 
many type 2 diabetics have. I certainly feel lucky that I have such a 
good support network these days, when at the time I did not.

And yes, sorry, I meant to clarify my comment about not having 
complications - "you" in the sense of "other type 1s" not you 
personally! None of that was directed personally at you!

On 13/03/12 11:36, Sarah Haywood wrote:
> Hi Di,
>      I was trying not to generalise.......... I said "in most cases" Type 2
> diabetes can be self inflicted....... I appreciate that some Type 2's are not
> overweight. I was just very cross when someone told me that I am "lucky to
> have Type 1 diabetes"
>      As for your retinopathy and your fathers loss of limbs, I really can't
> comment on whether they were self inflicted, but most probably not, as Type 1
 > diabetes is a very fickle disease and obtaining good control is not as easy
> a + b = c.......... I struggle to obtain decent control, despite trying the
> hardest that I can and still live a relatively normal life.
>      I am not sure why you assume that I have no complications, as I do have
> complications, but I do feel very "lucky" to get top notch care from my
> diabetes team, GP and local PCT.
>      I agree with your comment about Type 2 diabetes, to a degree being
> genetic, in that there are many fat people out there whom don't have Type 2,
> but that said, if you know there is a genetic predispostion to Type 2 in your
> family, then it would make sense to keep your weight down, take exercise and
> avoid eating too much of the wrong stuff.....
> Sarah
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