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Re: [IPk] Diet

Hi Di,
    I was trying not to generalise.......... I said "in most cases" Type 2
diabetes can be self inflicted....... I appreciate that some Type 2's are not
overweight. I was just very cross when someone told me that I am "lucky to
have Type 1 diabetes"
    As for your retinopathy and your fathers loss of limbs, I really can't
comment on whether they were self inflicted, but most probably not, as Type 1
diabetes is a very fickle disease and obtaining good control is not as easy as
a + b = c.......... I struggle to obtain decent control, despite trying the
hardest that I can and still live a relatively normal life.

    I am not sure why you assume that I have no complications, as I do have
complications, but I do feel very "lucky" to get top notch care from my
diabetes team, GP and local PCT.

    I agree with your comment about Type 2 diabetes, to a degree being
genetic, in that there are many fat people out there whom don't have Type 2,
but that said, if you know there is a genetic predispostion to Type 2 in your
family, then it would make sense to keep your weight down, take exercise and
avoid eating too much of the wrong stuff.....

 From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: [IPk] Diet

Hmm, I think you're in danger of rather a large generalisation there. I think
it's very dangerous to act the smug "I got diabetes through no fault of my
own, you inflicted it on yourself and don't look after yourself properly."
Millions of people are grossly overweight, don't look after themselves, and
don't have diabetes, so he's still unlucky to have got it when the vast
majority of overweight people don't have it. And you can't possibly know
whether he inflicted it on himself or whether he would have got it anyway,
even if he'd not been overweight.

I lost most of my sight to retinopathy 15 years ago. I didn't look after
myself in my teens and early 20s nearly as well as I should have done.
Self-inflicted? It's possible, but I didn't do it deliberately, I just had
issues that at the time I couldn't deal with. Do you dismiss my sight issues
because you don't have complications and I do? I would hope not. Do you feel
lucky that you don't have any complications yet? My dad lost both his legs
last year after having diabetes for over 50 years. Was it his own fault? Who
knows? Do I feel lucky I still have my legs, even though my dad didn't
regularly test his blood sugar for a good 40 years? Yes I do.

I have several friends with type 2 diabetes who are overweight, and also type
1s who aren't, who don't take it seriously, even though they've seen what
complications can do to other people. I feel sorry for them because I wish I
could get it through to them why it's so important to look after yourself to
at least minimise the risk.

On 13/03/12 10:57, Sarah Haywood wrote:
> Hi Sharon,
> That is true, but in the main, Type 2 is a self inflicted disease,so my way
> thinking is that most (not all) Type 2's have diabetes because they have
> way too much of the wrong things and are grossly overweight - this guy is
> his early 50's, very very overweight and really doesn't respect his
> in anyway.
> So, the reason I was cross with him, was because Type 1 is a no fault
> just the unlucky get it, whereas in his case, his diabetes is self
> inflicted...........
> Yes, I would rather have Type 1 as we can eat what we like and most Type
> can't, but I like to think that I would never let myself get to the point
> where I had Type 2........
> Hope that makes sense!
> Sarah
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