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Re: [IPk] was I hate my pump, now What do you record and why?

 My son has the Animas Vibe and uses temp basals for sport mainly, when low, or
when ill. I didn't know the Cozmo did the 5% increments on the temp basal,
however I would question (for his use) how much difference it would make when D
isn't precise anyway, ie you don't always know whether a particular temp..or
bolus..or basal is going to work on any particular day...as is the nature of
diabetes. Also you get the small basal increments on the Animas...0.025...so
would this make a difference when setting a temp basal? My maths is not good by
the way...

 I keep a diary and always have done and use it to identify patterns to then
make adjustments to basals etc. , or how to deal with particular foods.


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Hi Iain, Michelle,

Reading these emails I see that people use temp basals for very
different purposes, and also how different needs for correction
boluses and attitudes towards this are.

I can only commiserate with you Michelle about the limitations of your
pump, since with a Cozmo pump, I can adjust temp basals to the nearest
5%. However in practice I don't often use this precision - you might
well feel that it's wasted on me!

Relating to the various issues you've raised Michelle,
1. I also find that keeping careful diaries has benefits for my
control, but perhaps for different reasons, and I certainly don't
record the details that you do.
2. I experience a lot of variability in my insulin requirements from
day to day and hour to hour - attempting to adjust my basals to
account for this would be a never-ending and fruitless exercise since
all sorts of effects are only for a few days or even for a few hours,
so I bless the easy correction bolus, and just occasionally have days
when it is never needed. I do have different basal profiles to use on
'illness' days, 'exercise' days, and on  'weekend' type days when I
typically eat breakfast much later than usual, and also eat more carbs
overall than on weekdays - since my basal insulin requirements really
change when I go into a lower carb eating pattern, the theory the
classic model of keeping bolus and basal requirements completely
separate just doesn't work for me. And I use temp basals mostly when
exercising, or when I find myself hypo, or also to provide extra
support for correction boluses when I am in an unexplained high BG
patch of a few hours or days.

I think the great thing about a pump is that there is not just one way
to use the various options (even though this may be how some DSN's
have been known to present it), and so it can be used to help you
manage diabetes as you experience it. I do hope you find ways to take
advantage of the positive aspects of your Animas pump until you are
able to get a replacement.


On 13/03/2012, Iain Jenkins <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi Michelle,
> I have a onetouch ultrasmart meter which records all readings and gives
> averages over 7/14/30/60/90 days, it'll even do graphs on screen for you.
> it
> is better when downloaded to PC as you can do pie charts etc, but it may be
> good enough for what you want without any writing down.... I love it!
> Do you find you have to do a lot of corrections?  I hardly ever do - and
> don't
> use anything on the pump except to tell it how much to bolus and if I want
> to
> set temp basal.  I recently had to use the % basal for the first time as I
> mysteriously had to set it down to 67% to stop hypos for no good reason, but
> before that I was using the absolute temp values.  It was just easier as I
> wanted to run it at temp for 24hrs and have 8 different daily rates.
> I also found that the % temp isn't very accurate as it rounds down to the
> nearest .05u/h even though on the MM515 you can set temp in 1% increments ie
> .20 became .10 at 67%...
> With every good wish,
> Iain.
> T1 Essex, UK.
> minimed 515 pump
> Current A1C Feb 2012 5.5.
> Help diabetics to reach their full potential through athletic endeavours:
> http://www.insulindependence.org
> --- On Mon, 12/3/12, michelle arnold <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Yes, I agree that would be bliss but if I don't keep a diary my A1c rises, I
> stopped writing it down last year and ended up with an A1c of 9%, it's back
> to
> 6.9% now. Even with the pump I still have to continually make small changes
> every couple of weeks to keep my A1c and day to day levels in check.    It
> was
> easier with the medtronic and I didn't have to be so strict with the diary,
> I
> would use the 3 month rolling averages on the pump and stick to ave daily BG
> below 7 and correction ave 8% or below as soon as that started to rise I'd
> know I needed to look at my diary, the Animas does not have that capacity to
> tell me what my rolling ave are or my ave corrections, therefore I find
> myself
> having to write it down more often. Michelle.
> .
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