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Re: [IPk] Re: [IPk] Diet

Hi Helen
I'm interested in the gastroparesis - I was always under the impression 
that the main issue with this was the timing. For example, that because 
of delayed stomach emptying, some foods take a very long time to raise 
your BG, resulting in low BG and then highs later, or problems trying to 
resolve a hypo. But does it also have other effects that mean you can't 
eat high-fibre foods other than the timing issue? In theory, I would 
think that most timing issues can be resolved eventually with a pump.

On 13/03/12 07:24, Stehelndd wrote:
> HI Sandy
> Yes, gastro paresis. Can't eat fruit, veg, brown bread or any wholemeal/high
> fibre type foods. In fact, anything that's good for me! Also have lactose
> intolerance (genetic and severe) and sensitive to gluten/wheat. Not easy
> having a balanced diet!
> Been told by consultant and dietician that this is the way it has to be,
> unfortunately. I do miss the fruit and veg, etc.
> Helen
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