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[IPk] Paradigm Batteries etc

Hello Pumpers

 The AAA batteries used in the Paradigm pump last for approximately one week
(this varies depending on how you use your pump, i.e. remote, vibrate vs tone,
total daily dose). MiniMed also sell the AAA batteries so if you are funded by
your PCT you can still order these through Medtronic.

 The USA is not offering an upgrade programme for it's 508's. However in the UK,
there is a the following upgrade programme:

Less than 1 year 40% discount
Less than 2 years old 30% discount
Less than 3 years old 20% discount
Less than 4 years old 10% discount

Upgrade of any Medtronic MiniMed pump 
or other make of pump 5% discount 		

 In order to qualify for the upgrade you must return your 508 to Medtronic
MiniMed after you have received your Paradigm.

 If you'd like some information about the Paradigm sent out to you please
contact us via email on
Email: email @ redacted 

Hannah C. Dickinson, BSc, MSc, RPBio.
Clinical & Technical Specialist
Medtronic MiniMed UK
Suite One, Sherbourne House
Croxley Business Centre
Watford, Herts.
WD18 8WW
Tel (direct) 01923 205142
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