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RE: [IPk] Different pumps and batteries

Battery life has always intrigued me.  We have regularly averaged 6 weeks
with Sam's 508, but what was interesting was what happened last August when
his pump developed a fault while we were away on holiday.

We were in Belgium at the time & almost ran out of batteries when they
started to last less than 48 hours, which meant all our spares nearly got
used up.  A spare pump arrived from Medtronic very quickly, but the
batteries in it lasted only a few hours and we were then down to our last
set.  It then proved virtually impossible to obtain new ones locally.  We
finally paid a fortune for some equivalents from a camera shop in Bruges,
but these lasted just over 24 hours each.  By then, we were home again.

However, during the time that we had the spare pump (about 2 months), we
never had more than 2 weeks out of a set of batteries.  This was the same
model (508) and was set up in exactly the same way as Sam's.  Since the old
one came back, we've returned to the 6 week average again.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?


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I read with awe and amazement how people can get 6 weeks out of pump
batteries for a 508.  Despite switching off everything possible and still
having the pump work, mine rarely last 4 weeks!  I've bought batteries from
Medtronic/Minimed and also had some supplied from the DM centre.

OK the last week I've been and am still on steroids and fourth lot of
antibiotics in just over a month with a night's stay in hospital thrown in
for good measure and GP threatened more of same yesterday.  But that's still
only using basals and boluses!!

How I'd love to be able to buy a supply of triple A batteries to keep this
show on the road.  Still prefer pump although glad to be reminded about the
half-fill reservoir method.  Anything to stop being jabbed in awkward places
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