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Re: [IPk] Paradigm in the UK!

they are also much more readily available in the shops.....
Ever tried to find those little batteries when there wasn't a Boots or 
jewellers nearby? You can get AA and AAA batteries almost anywhere these days.

Though perhaps the downside of this is that those of us who get our batteries 
supplied by Minimed and funded will now have to pay for them ourselves.
I think I might be in the lucky category though as I think a lot of people 
don't get their batteries funded anyway.

On Friday 28 March 2003 16:51, you wrote:
> Hi Mary,
> I've no information yet as to how long AAAs will last, but they will almost
> certainly be a lot cheaper.  I was thinking more in terms of them being
> less fiddly for a 9 year old's teachers/support staff to be able to deal
> with if we weren't available.
> Andrew
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> > The main attraction
> > for us is the use of AAA batteries
> Hi,
> How do AAAs compare with 357s or the company's version?  Both are readily
> available, but do AAAs last longer / work out cheaper?
> Mary
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