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[IPk] re NICE Guidelines ( D Johnson and Sarah)

I imagine moving over here from the states must be a very interesting
experience for someone with DM
Could you be worse off with D over here despite the NHS andnot having to pay
health insurance, becasue of  having to pay the full cost of pump supplies?

At any rate well done for eventually getting funding and making  thePCT
acknowledge your needs
Regarding glargine, I am surprised that any doctor involved in diabetes care
who sees a patient with widely varying basal rates, even suggests that this is
tried prior to starting on a pump. You could be using this for ages and
suffering frequent hypos on a regular basis becasue you have no control over
basal insulin ,ith effects on studies and employment, and then be accsued of
not trying hard enough or told you don't need a pump becasue A1c is in target
range and you don't have any severe ie needing help type hypos even though you
have mild ones on a daily basis. Keep pushing and I hope you get funding
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