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Re: [IPk] NICE guidelines (was Naive question)

I have had much trouble getting pump funding from the PCT until the new NICE
guidelines came out.

I arrived from America in April 2002 with a pump that was already purchased
by my insurance provider, who also covered 100% my pump supplies.  When I
got here, I found pump funding was nearly impossible to get without alot of
fighting, tears and stress (which will increase blood sugars!).
On my own imitative, I wrote directly to the PCT (who turned me down).  My
endocrinologist here in England wrote to the PCT without even meeting me in
person (again, got turned down) and I wrote a letter to my MP  (no

After learning of the new NICE guidelines, I called my diabetic nurse who
was not much help in the process of getting funding.  I called the PCT
directly, they looked at the ruling (not sure they were even aware it had
been published earlier than expected) and told me she would have to speak to
my endocrinologist.  After speaking to my endocrinologist, the PCT called
back and said I was funded!  The catch was the glargine.  I have been a IDD
since I was 5 (diabetic for 30+ years, Minimed 508 user for 2 years).  My
endocrinologist said I was not going to be put on glargine as a trial.  He
felt it would do more harm than good.  If I were put on glargine, I would
probably have to be put back on the pump within 3 months and it was not
worth risking my health.

Last week, I received the official confirmation from my PCT stating how I
would order my pump supplies, how the billing would work and when I could
start ordering supplies directly (1 April is when I can order with the PCT
picking up the cost).  I am allowed #XX per year by the PCT and if the cost
goes above this (price increases, bad infusion sets) I will have to get
clearance from my PCT.

All I can say is all the stress and tears was worth it and now I don't feel
as I have to loose the one thing that has made the most difference to my

In America, at my diabetic group, I was about half way through the pack of
diabetics on a pump when I finally went on it.  My doctor mentioned me going
on the pump about 5 years ago, but I felt I was not ready.  Now that I see
normal blood sugars and my glyco's never looking better, I can't believe I
waited so long to go on a pump.

At least the NICE guidelines makes it a bit easier for all of us that are or
were funding our own pump.

Daun (IDD 30+ years, 508 user for 2 years)
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