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RE: [IPk] Paradigm in the UK!

 I think you're right Jackie. Sam averages about 22 - 25 units a day. We were
keen on the Paradigm when we had our first demonstration about 2 years ago, and
were disappointed to find it was not available at that time. The main attraction
for us is the use of AAA batteries and, more importantly, the fact that it is
waterproof. Sam will be having swimming lessons at school from next September
and this would help a lot.

 We have been in touch with Hannah & hope to have a look at one in the near

Father of Sam, aged 9 (today), dx Aug 1996
508 Aug 2001

From: "Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted>
Date: Thu 27/Mar/2003 08:37 GMT
To: <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IPk] Paradigm in the UK!

Hi John

 I can only think its to make the overall size of the pump smaller. Maybe it
would be better for children
 or adults who didn't use so much insulin. I cant think of any other reason.
Maybe someone from MiniMed
 will give their views. Quite a few children on the US children with diabetes
list use this pump.


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