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Re: [IPk] Paradigm in the UK!

Hi John
I can understand your reasoning, but personally I'd much prefer to have a 
smaller pump with reduced volume. I (like many other people) only ever use 
the Minimed 508 with the short fill method anyway (because I don't like 
having the sticking out bit of the reservoir sticking into me if I use the 
longfill method). With 176 units I'd actually have to refill my pump less 
often, while getting a smaller pump (big bonus when you're trying to find 
suitable places to put it and you're wearing e.g. a dress!)
I'm very tempted to switch to a Paradigm for that very reason!


> Can anyone explain the logic in *reducing* the maximum reservoir volume? I
> use a MiniMed 507 and the 300 unit reservoir does me a good week. But at
> 176 I'd have to go through the fiddly business of refilling the reservoir
> almost twice as often.
> I saw the Paradigm last month at my German diabetes clinic (I'm British but
> have been based in Germany for a few years now). The small reservoir struck
> me as a very good reason not to use one...
> John
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