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[IPk] NICE Guidelines

haven't asked yet. I've just had an appointment sent through: for 7th April at
a different hospital, having recently moved. they are not a pump centre but
have one other pumper. I am not sure whether she self funds but suspect she
does. I am still attending Gloucester. (big pump centre), annually. Dr
Ullahanan is very pro pump and I am sure would fight for funding but is it up
to him or someone more local?. Also, here in Wales, health authorities are
just about to be abolished and replaced by local health boards, so potential
chaos, confusion. To complicate things further I may be moving to Ireland in
the next few months to a year ( in the South I think pumps are funded, in the
North some areas fund limited numbers)
I will ask when I attend clinic but suspect that 1. may get fobbed off and
told to try glargine first  ( and accused of not trying hard enough when all I
want to do is avoid being hypo all afternoon so I can continue working) or 2
it will be a long winded procedure with hopsital trust and health board
arguing about who will pick up the tab  so when  I finally get it I will be
about to move...
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